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Tarot-Mirror of the Soul

“A Tarot reading looks at your current life situations through
the symbolic language of image and color.”
~Susan Scofield

A Tarot reading looks at your current life situation through the symbolic language of image and color. Tarot cards are a unique tool available to anyone who can look at a picture and describe what they see. In the case of the cards, this symbolic language triggers an unconscious response within the individual, signaling intuition, which in turn, sends a message to the conscious mind.

The Tarot functions as a guide. It is an anchor and an advisor. It can direct, suggest and open one’s eyes to new possibilities along with revealing roadblocks, challenges and fears.

tarot-deckTarot cards can be used for self-understanding, and are often called the “mirror of the soul.” They are useful in looking at the current flow of energy in one’s life, or in the examination of a particular issue.

A Tarot reading can foster an understanding of the different perspectives and needs within a relationship, whether with a partner, a child, or a parent. Tarot spreads can indicate the energies in any given situation and suggest how best to deal with that situation.

Traditional Tarot decks … Read the rest

Who’s in Charge? YOU or YOUR HABITS?

Recently, I’ve been noticing some of my own, not so terrific, behaviors robbing me of time, money, health and happiness. Frustrated with myself, I realized it was time to look more closely at some of the shadow sides of my actions.

game onChoosing to forego my traditional thought pattern of berating myself for my weaknesses, I asked myself a serious question. I wanted to know what my behaviors were trying to tell me.

My memory of the moment of truth is crystal clear. As I stood in the middle of my kitchen, I mentally posed my question, and within an instant, like a thunderbolt, I received a one word answer to what my obsessive behaviors were trying to reveal.


“Well, of course. You’ve got bad habits and no willpower,” the voice of little me piped in, sensing trouble brewing.

“Not so fast,” responded big me, stepping up to the plate. “There’s more to habits and willpower than meets the eye. Perhaps it’s time to build some new habits around current beliefs.”

I’ve been playing the change game long enough to have learned a few things about how it works. I’ve learned that the pain of ignoring some of my … Read the rest