Taming the Habit Tiger

Habit, and its sidekick, willpower, are an interesting duo. I’ve become so fascinated by them that we’re going to make them a part of the team here at RumblStrips.com and give them their own Category. We’re going to dive deep and tame these two. No reason to live with all that turmoil once we know we can create some harmony within the ranks.

Harvard Business Review states that “fully 95% of our behaviors are habitual.” Other sources downgrade that percent to around fifty. Either way, habitual behaviors drive a huge part of our lives. We live much of our lives on autopilot.

Behavioral science postulates that, without habit loops, our brains would be overwhelmed by the minutiae of daily life. Think about it. How much of getting to work everyday is habitual?

Taming the Tiger1Our modern lives are consumed with activities that require decisions. Simply getting out of bed in the morning would be overwhelming if our brain didn’t take over and essentially lead us habitually through our morning routine, thereby allowing us to watch The Today Show.

It may be time to review those habits. I’d like to live my life with more intention and let go of all that nonsense that drives my actions at times. It’s part of my journey to take responsibility for what’s not working well, look at it and decide what I’d love instead. It’s a choice we all have.

As I continue my quest to tame a tiger or two of my own, I’ll share tips and tools I find that may support you as well. This week I’m engaged in a couple of habits workshops that provide some concepts and practices that I’ll share with you when I’ve completed and processed the information. I’m also reading an excellent book that I’ll be reviewing soon.

So for now, start paying attention to your habits and identify those that seem outdated. Poke around them and see if you can find the belief that drives the behavior. And then, plant the seed in your psyche that change is on the horizon and make some choices about what you’d love instead.

It’s time to update the motherboard.

4 Responses to Taming the Habit Tiger

  1. Allison Conkin says:

    I am going to follow this thread closely as I am trying to reboot the healthy habits and toss some of the ones that have replaced them recently. Thanks for doing this, Rita. All of us will benefit from your wisdom.

    • Rita Graving says:

      Exactly why I am starting this conversation Allison! So many habits in my life that are outdated and non-supportive of where I am going. I’ll be posting some content I hope you’ll find helpful as soon as it stops spinning around in my head. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Edmundo Holzheimer says:

    This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I have joined your rss feed and look forward to seeking more of your wonderful post. Also, I’ve shared your web site in my social networks!

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