Tap Into Healing

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.”
~Tony Robbins

Despite its roots in ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine, there’s a relative newcomer to the alternative healing industry. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “Tapping” as it’s often referred to, is creating quite a buzz. Ask anyone who’s used it before and you’ll get a two-word answer: “it works!” Whether you work with a certified practitioner, figure it out on your own, or a combination of the two, this is a healing modality you’ll definitely want to add to your personal practice. It is one that can be used anytime, anywhere and with significant results.

tapping pointsWhy is it called tapping? I don’t know, but it makes sense because the practice itself “taps” into the body’s energy, releasing negative emotions and symptoms that have accumulated, creating physical results like chronic pain, disease, emotional responses to traumatic experiences, addictive behaviors, non-supportive habits and outdated beliefs. Tapping on the meridians that connect everything in our body releases energy blockages thus restoring and balancing our energy flow to its natural state of being.

As the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher appears. I’ve been wanting to try tapping for some time now, and was delighted when presented with an opportunity to work with a professional one-on-one. I’m at the point where learning the basics from a professional is far more effective and efficient than trying to figure it out myself. I will allow the way to be paved for me any time I have the chance! And so I promptly scheduled three appointments.

My ego knew what was coming as I headed toward my first appointment; it sprang into action igniting my nervous system waving the red danger, danger flag. I arrived feeling off balance and nervous. I was quickly put at ease and we began our work together.

Although I came with a laundry list of issues I wanted to clear, it took just a few minutes to wade through the murkiness and identify the outdated belief that was behind it all. I was guided interactively through the entire process. At times I tapped on myself, repeating the words of my coach. At other times, she tapped on me as I repeated her words and tapped on the part of my inner being that believed those words. As the emotions came up I connected with that part of me that had been locked and denied and the healing began.

Like most healing modalities, some time may be needed to process the work that has been done. I left my first session feeling somewhat “otherworldly” and at peace. Water is important after tapping and I found it helped me feel more grounded. This was a lengthy tapping session and ultimately formed new neural connections requiring some processing time – it’s kind of like rebooting your computer. Out with the old information so new information can be accessed.

How do I know it works? I can’t remember what the issue was that we were working on without giving it some thought. That’s how I know it’s been diffused. It’s still there but it’s not in control any more. Within a week or so of my tapping session, I found myself in a situation where previously that outdated belief would have been front and center in my behavior and emotions. I felt it circling and waiting to land. I studied it – get this…with detachment, and I clearly remember thinking – that doesn’t fit anymore. Done.

Tapping works for much, much more than the serious issues and wounds we all carry around. It’s effective in handling all the daily stresses life presents. Imagining tapping is even effective for most people – so no need to draw attention to yourself in public when you find yourself in a challenging situation. And surrogate tapping can be used for animals or people who are unable to tap for themselves due to age (babies and children) dementia, illness, handicaps or disabilities.

Sounds too simple? Sounds too weird? All I can say is that “it works!”

While I love that this is a tool I can use quickly and easily by myself, when it comes to the bigger issues in life, my choice will be to work one-on-one with a professional around the core issue before venturing out on my own with it. I’m implementing tapping for general issues and behaviors on a regular basis and find it is integrating nicely with my other daily practices. This isn’t band aid work – it gets to the root of the issue, and it’s remarkably effective and efficient.

The most difficult part seems like it’s always the deciding part. Deciding you can no longer live with whatever is holding you back from your truth and your happiness. Deciding to make the appointment. Deciding it’s time. Deciding you’re willing to leap. And knowing the net will appear.

Are you ready?

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