Tarot Card of the Year

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From Susan Scofield


Barnstormer Astrology and Tarot is offering a free interpretation of your Tarot Card of the Year.

This will reveal an underlying theme running through your life, from current birthday to the following birthday.

Send the day and month of your birthday to: barnstormerastrologyandtarot@gmail.com

Susan Scofield will send you a brief description of your card and its meaning.

About Susan Scofield

Susan Scofield, Barnstormer Astrology and Tarot has been in professional practice for nearly one Saturn cycle. She weaves the ancient wisdom of Astrology & Tarot into the fabric of contemporary life. Contact Barnstormer at barnstormerastrologyandtarot@gmail.com or at 360-446-0255. She sees clients in person at Jamie Lee and Co., 309 4th Ave E., Olympia, WA 98501 and is also available for phone readings, for both astrology and tarot.

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