“The only real, valuable thing is intuition.”
~Albert Einstein

I was 19 when I was first introduced to the art of Intuition.  I had been living away from home and had grand world travels planned. I was spending time with my parents in the small country town in Australia where I’d been brought up before spreading my wings to go and find my way in the bigger world.

It was an auspicious day. I had just passed my driver’s licence and took the family car for a drive to a nearby beach town where I found myself in the small crystal store staring at a flyer for an Intuition workshop.

chistian-article-image-10-27-2016Signing up for that workshop was the beginning of the next 22 years of my life.  Not only did I meet my future husband and the father of my 2 children but I had a whole world of knowledge about conscious creating and intuitive living open up before me.

Intuition is described in the dictionary as ‘A natural ability that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence’.  Most people have had an experience of having an intuitive hit.  But have you ever considered that your intuition is available for you at any time and that it is a means for you to live an incredibly creative and abundant life that is beyond anything your rational mind can comprehend.

The difference between our rational mind and our intuitive capabilities is that the rational mind works by comparison, it refers to past experiences, decides what that means about us and bases its conclusions and future choices on that – keeping you bound to the same paradigm over and over. Intuition however, is based on your inherent connection to all things – its only commitment is to the truth.

Here’s a few tips to help you connect with your Intuition:

  • Intuition is always in the obvious, if you are trying to work it out you are in your head and will get tied up in knots.  It is about receiving.
  • Imagine stepping outside of your identity, an easy way to do this is to visualize your identity like a heavy cloak that you can drop to the ground, leaving you in a state of innocence (in-no-sense).
  • Your intuition will be most accurate when you make it about being of service to the highest outcome – trying to use your intuition to manipulate your own agendas is dysfunctional and usually back fires. Set an intention to be of service.
  • Imagine stepping into a circle of whatever it is you want to know. Once you’re standing inside the circle begin noticing what’s there.
  • Intuition speaks to people in different ways, you may experience pictures or symbols, words, or a just a sense of something.  Whatever it is that you are receiving, go with it – even if it doesn’t seem to make immediate sense.
  • Remember that your intuition is a light vibration, compared to the heaviness of your thoughts and feelings it can feel ethereal and unfamiliar – trust it.
  • Make it up.  What ever you are given – let yourself practice making up what that means to you.  Believe it or not intuition and the imagination are the best of friends!

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About Christian Whitecloud

Creative Development and High Level Intuitive Coaching is Christian Whitecloud's area of expertise. For 22 years, through coaching and workshops she has served a global community in living an inspired life. Her passion for living a vibrant and creative life are also reflected through her love of dance, art and nature.


  1. Michelle says:

    Thank you Christian for sharing a compelling and useful information, esp for those of us who are often stuck in analysis paralysis. Your suggestions above are a welcomed alternative, and timely too! Thank you, thank you!

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