The Benefits of Mindfulness

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The potential benefits of mindfulness are huge and wide-ranging. To a large extent, the benefits depend on the mind which enters this process to begin with. Some people for example may benefit most from a greater connection with their body while others get the most benefit from learning how to deal with troublesome thoughts. Here is a list of of the potential benefits of mindfulness:

  • A greater connection with the body, thereby being able to act better in its interests.
  • Improved personal relationships, as mindfulness helps place a check on automatic reactions; it also enables us to listen more effectively
  • A greater acceptance of troublesome thoughts and emotions.Mindfulness also allows us to let go of these before they can develop and have a negative impact on us.
  • There is growing medical evidence that regular meditation makes positive improvements to the way the brain worksand also other aspects of the body.
  • Improvements to memory, concentration and cognitive ability.
  • A dramatic reduction in levels of stress and anxiety.
  • An improved ability to fall to sleep at night.
  • An improved relationship with painbrought about by learning how to accept the pain and become more at peace with it instead of being locked in constant struggle.
  • A general feeling of wellbeing.
  • A rise in productivitybrought about by being able to deal with distractions more effectively.
  • Increased creativitybrought about by being able to let go of doubts that otherwise might be a hindrance to creativity.

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