The Gift of Astrology – Guidance from the Stars and Planets

“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”
~Dane Rudhyar

Astrology is our most ancient science and art dating back thousands of years. All around the world, ancient cultures have used the stars and movements of the planets to gain guidance.

planet mashupBeginning about 400 BCE, the first horoscope was developed. Until the past few hundred years, astrology was valued by almost all cultures. Most of our ancient myths are based on the movements of the planets and how they speak to our experiences on Earth. It is only in the last few hundred years, that we have separated ourselves from the wisdom of the sky and felt that we humans could understand ourselves as separate from the energies of the Earth and sky.

We are now rediscovering through quantum physics what was known in ancient wisdom traditions; everything is energy and everything is interconnected. We live in a holographic universe. The macrocosm reflects the microcosm. The movements of the planets and stars are mirrored in the energies on the Earth. With this understanding, there has been a resurgence and renewal of interest in astrology.

The gift of astrology is that we can gain guidance about our lives and our times through understanding these patterns of the stars and planets. When we look at the birth chart, we get much more information than what we get from a horoscope in the newspaper or online. The birth chart is like a mandala of the self, showing all of the facets of who you are in your uniqueness and complexity.

astrological wheelYour birth chart shows the energy patterns of the Sun, Moon and planets that were present at the moment that you took your first breath. It does not predict or determine who you are, but the chart does provide insight about who you are, what you are working out in your lifetime and how to best access your strengths and deal with your weaknesses. Then, it is possible to look at your chart with the current planetary energies to get a clearer sense of what you are dealing with in your life now and how to do that in the most conscious way.

Working with astrology is like having a road map to guide you on your life’s journey. Rather than wandering down various roads or feeling confused, we can use the chart and current transits as our guide to help us to navigate our lives in the most conscious way in order to grow and evolve physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Astrology is not only helpful in providing insights and guidance for us individually, but also collectively. We gain deeper understanding of the larger themes that we are dealing with historically and culturally through understanding the meaning of the astrological ages (of the precessional cycle) and the current planetary configurations.

For example, we are all aware of how much tumult and change is going on in the world right now. In the sky, Pluto and Uranus, two of the outermost planets in our solar system, are in a square (a 90-degree relationship) with each other. This is a very powerful transformational combination. Pluto is in a placement that is about the break down in structures and systems that are corrupt, out of balance or outdated, while Uranus creates the energy for new paradigms and systems to emerge.

These planets help us realize that the turbulence happening in the world right now is not random. We need not be frightened by it if we realize that it is part of a larger process of transition and transformation as we collectively birth new ways of being and new, more balanced, equitable relationships with each other and with the Earth.

The planets are guiding us and midwifing us through this time of change. When we tune into them consciously and understand their energies, then we can be co-creators of that change and move from chaos into new paradigms of consciousness and new ways of being.

As we gaze at the sky, we can give thanks for the beauty of the stars and planets above us and realize that they not only provide light in the darkness of the night, but that they also provide the light of insight and conscious understanding of our lives and of the currents of change that we are in, both individually and globally.

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About Heather Ensworth

Heather Ensworth is a clinical psychologist, astrologer and shamanic practitioner. She does astrology readings, teaches classes on astrology and spirituality and co-facilitates a Women’s Mystery School. She is author of the book Finding Our Center: Wisdom from the Stars and Planets in Times of Change (Universe Press, 2009) and has had articles published in The Mountain Astrologer and Watkins Mind, Body, Spirit magazine. She can be seen in an interview about astrology on “The Blueprint of Your Soul’s Purpose.” She can be contacted through her website: or by email:

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  1. Anne Taylor says:

    Enjoyed reading your post, Heather. My reading with you a couple months back was pivotal, and I was glad to happen across your post.

    With global change all around us, it is helpful to have a few guide posts along the way.

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