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August 26, 2015

Level One:
Straight From the Horse’s Mouth  

15 Week Online Course

Have you always wanted to learn how to “talk” to animals, or even just understand the feelings and behavior of your own animals so that you can have deeper, more trusting relationships? You CAN!  You can LEARN!  In this totally unique webinar, you’ll be “talking” to animals all over the world and learning at your own pace…in the privacy of your own home!

Level Two:
The Language of Miracles Online Ambassador Program

15 Week Online Course

Returning students:  If you completed the Straight from the Horse’s Mouth Level 1 Webinar and received your Level 1 graduation certificate, you qualify to enroll in the new Language of Miracles Level 2 Online Ambassador Program also starting on August 26th

About Amelia Kinkade

As a professional animal psychic, Amelia Kinkade helps clients locate lost pets, diagnose baffling behavior, and further explore the indelible bond that exists between people and their animal companions. But her real mission is to convince people that, with the proper dedication, training, and understanding, everyone can do what she does . She is the founder of the ARK ANGEL Society, a non-profit organization that goes into rural communities in Africa to teach children about conservation so that they don't grow up to be poachers. Visit her at:

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