The Magic Word!

“Everything can be taken from a man but one thing:
the last of the human freedoms … to choose one’s attitude
in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”
~Viktor Frankl

Most everyone wants to experience exceptional results in life. Regardless of our background or circumstances and the state of the world we are living in, there is one single most important factor to guarantee those exceptional and positive results and it’s found in

The Magic Word … ATTITUDE!

attitudeWhat makes our attitude magical? Just the fact that it directly influences every single thing we experience and person we come in contact with!

Our attitude tells the world how we process our circumstances and what we expect from life. Intentionally choosing our attitude is like selecting an outcome in advance. Plain and simple – our attitude directly determines our life.

Largely, people start their day in neutral with an attitude that is neither good nor bad; they just sit poised ready to react to whatever stimuli they encounter. If the stimulus is good, they’ll reflect that; if it’s bad, they’ll reflect that too … like a chameleon.

A better idea? Become a deliberate creator who exudes positive energy and radiates possibilities, by putting The Magic Word … ATTITUDE to work for you.

  • Tape the word ATTITUDE! in conspicuous places; a reminder that you’re in charge of how you want to feel and experience life.
  • Treat everyone you encounter as the most important person you will meet. Success in life depends greatly on how well we relate to others.
  • Our attitude at the beginning of a difficult task, more than anything else, will bring about its successful outcome.
  • Our minds can only hold one thought at a time, positive or negative. Choose to look for what is right and good about people and circumstances.
  • Poor attitudes are as infectious as the common cold and should be treated that way.
  • Be the person that stands out for the RIGHT reasons.

Life plays no favorites and the world we live in is impersonal; it doesn’t care who succeeds or who fails. The great news is that it’s entirely up to you, so consciously and consistently choose an attitude that creates the future you desire!

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About Nancy Carlstrom

Professional Life Coach, Nancy Carlstrom, CDC, has been awakening and guiding her international client base to create positive, sustainable change in their lives and careers for well over 12 years. She works closely with individuals, leaders, teams and businesses to develop transformational strength-based strategies, practices and mindsets that support one’s dreams and goals for a meaningful life – personally and professionally. As an accountability partner, ‘hold your feet to the fire’ instigator and unwavering champion for every client’s success, Nancy is passionately committed to helping people ignite their passion and initiate lasting change.

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