The Solstice: Midsummer’s Celebration

“Summer Solstice is the time to nurture your passions just as the sun nurtures all life.
Focus on what is growing in your life, weed out what you do not want, and “water” (love and nurture) your Dreams.”
~Cheryl Janecky

Midsummer, a blending of fire and water.  When the sun reaches its most northernmost position from our earthly perspective, it is the time of summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. The word solstice means ‘standing still’, as the sun appears to hold its noontime position for a few days in the sky before it begins to roll back towards the south and eventually reaches its southernmost point at midwinter, the winter solstice for the northern hemisphere. During its yearly journey, it crosses the equator twice. These crossing points are equinox; equal night and day.

These four points are the great hinges of the year, swinging us forward into a new cycle. The solstice and equinox points correspond to the zero degree points of the cardinal signs.

fire on water2The summer solstice marks the ingress of the Sun into the cardinal sign of watery Cancer, the sign corresponding with home and family, with roots and security. Based on the solar calendar, in the northern hemisphere, we call this the first day of summer.

Using the older, seasonal calendar, this is the point of midsummer, when the longest day and shortest night occurs, as the sun pauses, then begins its wheeling back towards the darkness. The light, heat and fire are at its most intense point.

This is the fullness of our yearly cycle, the moment when life shouts out “I am here, I exist, I count.”  Feelings and spirit combine at this time.  The Chariot and the Sun drive us forward on our own path of self-discovery.  The power of water and fire create the energy needed for this journey as represented by the Tarot card of Temperance, demonstrating a combination of opposites, the alchemical shift from one form to another.

Midsummer is a time of celebration. Honor your individuality (Sun) within your family (Cancer,) your tribe, your chosen circle of friends. Proclaim your connections with the things that you love. We dance, kick up our heels and breathe in the energy of life at its fullest, knowing full well, that now, the shadows are on the increase. The darkness will prevail within a few months during this endless cycle of death and rebirth. For now, as the Sun is at its most brilliant, pause in the eternity of this moment and rejoice in the glory of life at its fullness.

The sign of Cancer is the most sensitive of the signs, needing the shell of the crab to protect its soft soul. The nest, one’s feelings, the family, fluctuation, fear, resistance, support, love, needs, intuition, sideways motion, moodiness and the moon fall under its aegis.

Water nurtures, heals, touches, blesses, comforts and makes whole that which is incomplete. It is within you, and you need only to look inside yourself to find its eternal presence. The Sun is associated with fertility, life, art, logic, skill. We all hold a fire within us. Fire will find its expression to create or to destroy, to wound or to heal.

Summer solstice represents a balance between these two primal energies.  How will you use these in the next few weeks in your own life?

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