What Are You Bringing to Your Holiday Table?

It’s here already! We’re at the very time of year when we begin to steep ourselves in old traditions that matter and create new ones that add to our joy.

So much of what we do at this time of year seems more meaningful and has lightness to it. Whether we attribute it to the bright lights, colorful decorations, sounds of the season, or our beliefs and customs, we can say that the spirit of the holiday season puts a spring in our emotional step as we put others at the top of our mind and giving lists.

It’s so interesting to see that the culmination of the busy season ahead usually comes down to a couple of days of merry-making when we are gathered around the table in celebration of the season and each other. So after all the shopping, planning and preparing is done, do you know what each and every one at your holiday table really wants?


heart on woodIt’s true! Now more than ever. At the most fundamental level we all really want to be seen, to be heard, to be witnessed, to be appreciated … to be loved.

In this rapid-fire, sound-bite world that tests our heart and humanity, each of us is looking for connection, meaning and significance. We want to know we matter and one way we can find a measure of fulfillment is by giving that gift of love to another.

So in addition to the beautiful gifts, tasty treats and lavish meals that are also demonstrations of love, here are a few more ideas of what you can bring to those holiday tables:

RECOGNITION & COMPLIMENTS  Everyone wants to be noticed and acknowledged for what makes them special, use the present moment wisely.

HEART TO HEART CONVERSATIONS  A little one-on-one time and attention discussing meaningful topics can bridge a gap and make a world of difference.

UNDERSTANDING & PATIENCE  Most people are doing the best they can with what they know and have; a little support goes a long way.

COMPLAINT & JUDGMENT-FREE DISCUSSIONS  We are all tough enough on ourselves; let this negative habit take a holiday.

A HUG OR TWO  Human touch is the most healing energy on the planet, bar none. Give yourself permission to generously share it!

During the season of miracles ahead, it is more important to be one than expect one. While we are a hardy lot, there are times when a little sensitivity and tolerance goes a long way. That time is now.

Bring a little more compassion, tenderness and appreciation to your holiday table this season. Bring a little more love. Just like you, those celebrating the season along with you will be so glad you did!

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About Nancy Carlstrom

Professional Life Coach, Nancy Carlstrom, CDC, has been awakening and guiding her international client base to create positive, sustainable change in their lives and careers for well over 12 years. She works closely with individuals, leaders, teams and businesses to develop transformational strength-based strategies, practices and mindsets that support one’s dreams and goals for a meaningful life – personally and professionally. As an accountability partner, ‘hold your feet to the fire’ instigator and unwavering champion for every client’s success, Nancy is passionately committed to helping people ignite their passion and initiate lasting change.

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