What is EFT and How Does it Work?

“EFT offers great healing benefits.”
~Deepak Chopra

Along time ago, after a severe traumatic event, I began suffering from panic attacks and developed severe, chronic anxiety. The side effects included averaging 2-3 hours of sleep a night, becoming destructively low functioning in my work life and having rapid heartbeats and stomach pains become the replacement for my morning alarm clock.

Thus began my journey to find a way to calm my nervous system down and get back into the driver’s seat of my life. This journey took me over 10 years. Against the wishes of therapists and physicians, I refused to start taking anti-anxiety meds, sleeping pills or anti-depressants. Instead, I tried almost every alternative therapy that I knew of. I wanted to walk through the fire to get to the other side instead of pretending the fire inside me wasn’t there.

One day, during an annual lunch with some girlfriends, one of them starting talking about Tapping. I asked some questions and then went home to do some research. Two weeks later I had an appointment with a local EFT Practitioner and went without any expectation or preconceived assumptions about how it might help me. I had learned years before to let go of desperation when seeking healing and just show up.

child leapingAfter two EFT sessions, which also included Matrix Reimprinting,* my morning routine of waking up in sheer panic had disappeared. I found myself disoriented by the subtle and slow process of rising and getting my day started. I also felt curious, excited and beyond grateful. In my head I kept repeating…”This is it!” After all those years, therapists, modalities and money something had finally, and drastically, shifted for me.

This thing was called EFT.

EFT, (also known as Tapping), stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and was created by Gary Craig in the mid 1990’s. Even though it may seem like EFT is fairly new, it has actually been around since the 1980’s when Dr. Richard Callahan developed the first form of it and named it TFT which stood for Thought Field Therapy.

TFT included tapping and muscle testing. EFT has evolved to include simpler techniques and it continues to evolve but the basic concept is the same. It is a form of energy work which uses some of the same meridian points used by Acupuncturists. However, instead of using needles, you use your fingertips to tap or rub these points.

The tapping or rubbing sequence may vary slightly depending on which EFT Practitioner you are working with. But the sequence is less important than the instruction to ‘be specific’ in your description of the sensations your body is experiencing as you visit a past event or current challenge. This stimulation allows energy blocks in the body’s meridians to be released.

Science is now proving that everything is energy, and that energy fields can and do get blocked. Blocked energy can show up as physical pain, phobias, anxiety, stress, PTSD and on and on. EFT gently removes the blockages through tapping while recalling a troubling memory, a stressful interaction or physical pain.

when your coffee fails youResults of a controlled EFT Stress Study** showed that tapping can significantly lower cortisol levels and, as a result, create a sense of calm and peace in the body. This has been great news for those, including myself, who have been suffering from chronic anxiety or PTSD.* This is a gentle, easy-to-use tool that can be applied anywhere, anytime with or without a Practitioner to calm down the amygdala and get out of the Fight, Flight or Freeze mode. I’ve had clients find relief from stress, overwhelm, phobias, chronic physical pain, grief, traumatic childhood memories and toxic work or family relationships.

But, it’s not only for high intensity experiences. I use EFT daily to manage the small stressors in life, difficult situations that might be coming up or simply to clear my head in the morning when it’s grey and rainy outside and my coffee just isn’t kicking in the way I’d like.

That morning years ago, when I awoke in a natural, easy way was the beginning of a new freedom for me. The shackles were off and I was on my way to actually living my life rather than exerting all my energy to just get through another day.

Although I’d already attained an M.A. in Behavioral Science and was also a Certified Hypnotherapist, I immediately jumped into the EFT training process. I went on to get an advanced certification in EFT and am also certified in Matrix Reimprinting,* allowing me to work with clients using EFT in the Field or Matrix.

MR is a bit difficult to explain. Clients enter into a slightly hypnotic state and ‘visit’ past or future selves that made need your assistance or offer you advice. In this space we include basic EFT whereby tapping then affects the brain and changes past and/or present perceptions or beliefs. This has become my favorite EFT modality.

Since becoming an EFT Practitioner I never cease to be amazed by the efficiency of this simple tool. Tapping truly is an Emotional Freedom Technique.

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About Kalleen Henderson

Since receiving her Master’s in Behavioral Science in 1995, a certification in Hypnotherapy and an advanced certification in Emotional Freedom Technique, Kalleen has been drawing upon several modalities when helping clients create freedom from issues showing up in the physical, mental or emotional bodies. She teaches you how to independently use Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as Tapping, so that you have an easy to use ‘go-to’ option when your days get hijacked by stress, pain, fatigue or overwhelm. By giving you a basic understanding of your own ability to manage stress, when using EFT, you begin to understand how you can decrease the amount of time spent in uncomfortable or painful states. To learn more: www.NeuroEFT.com When Kalleen isn't working with clients she is usually buried in a book, spending time outdoors with her fur angel, Romeo, or hanging out with her family.

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