Why HeartMath®?

“Inner stillness is a place where our heart can speak
without the mind running it off the road.”
~Doc Childre

I’ve come to realize that my path to practicing HeartMath® came about quite by accident and yet was clearly meant to be part of my healing journey.

I’d heard of HeartMath® but never gave it much thought, assuming that it was only about healing physical heart problems, something I fortunately don’t have. But then, heart related “things” started popping up in different areas of my life.

Several hypnotism sessions turned into heart-healing experiences that I didn’t even know I needed. And an eye-opening weekend workshop with the brilliant, Dr. Joe Dispenza, shed light on the connection between our heart and our head and how the battle of the brain to control the heart causes stress in our bodies and struggle in our lives.

And then, when I met Anne Taylor through Kundalini yoga and learned that she is a HeartMath® coach, I knew as a student, I was ready and my teacher had appeared.

Now, six months later, I’ve completed the coursework and implemented daily HeartMath® practice sessions via my HR adapter and the Inner Balance app. I’ve graduated from Level 1 training through the app and am now challenged by Level 2 with Level 3 & 4 waiting in the wings.

I spend anywhere from 11-20 minutes or so, first thing in the morning, sitting quietly and practicing some breathing and visualization techniques learned through the HeartMath® training. My goal is always to reach coherence 70% or more of the time during a practice session. Sounds simple enough right?

Waking up and watching my heart beat on the app first thing in the morning has been eye opening. Sometimes it’s smooth and even but more frequently than I’d like to admit, it’s uneven and jaggedy and kind of disturbing! It’s the visual representation of the results of stress, inflammation and the battle for control waged by my brain that my heart is experiencing inside my body. How can I be this out of coherence first thing in the morning??

heartMath brain communications I’ve learned that when I surrender without judgement and focus on gratitude and breath, the physical benefits are magically reflected on my phone screen. I can see coherence gathering and I can feel it’s healing benefits. It is the feeling of ease, of flow, of connection and yes, alignment with the frequency that is love. It’s a wonderful feeling and a great way to start my day and return to as needed throughout the day. It is, as the definition of coherence states, the quality of forming a unified whole.

HeartMath® is not a band-aid, nor is it a quick fix. And, coherence is not the same as relaxation which is a critical distinction to acknowledge. This takes time and commitment and here’s that word again …. practice.

It’s impossible to place a value on healing your heart and the benefits of practicing coherence. As Dr. Joe Dispenza states, “The human body is an instrument and much like an instrument it needs to be tuned.”

For obvious reasons I’ve decided I want to take care of my heart. And for me, that means more than just food and exercise. It means creating a safe and healthy environment for my heart function optimally and work in concert with the other organs in my body. 

With the help of a certified HeartMath® coach, you’ll learn a lot about your heart, your brain, your breath and yourself. You’ll begin to become aware of the internal workings of your mind and body. You’ll manage stress and live life differently.

Your reward for making this 15minute per day commitment to your heart and soul? Priceless.

For more information on HeartMath®, contact Anne@AnneTaylor.com

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